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  JJE Awarded FCA 's “North America Outstanding Quality Award”
  Time: 2019-07-28   Author: Jing-Jin Electric


On July 24, 2019, senior managers of the Fiat Chrysler Group's(FCA) global headquarters, North America and Asia Pacific came to Jing-Jin Electric(JJE) Shanghai Jiading Base to present the North America Outstanding Quality Award to Jing-Jin Electric. In recognition of the refined electric company - especially the Jiading production base in Shanghai - excellent product quality performance. Jing-Jin Electric Shanghai Jiading Base was founded in 2009. After nearly ten years of hard work, it has been making progress in production system and quality management. It has been supplied to FCA Group North America since 2018 (Grand Voyager PHEV and Jeep Commander PHEV are highly efficient) Oil-cooled generators, drive motors and high-speed gear shafts continue to maintain an excellent quality record of “zero defect, zero warranty”. The quality of zero kilometers and the quality of use are 100%, Jing-Jin Electric won the highest quality award of FCA Group with excellent quality performance. The congratulatory letter from the FCA Group stated that "Your commitment and support demonstrates exceptional performance and dedication to excellence.”

Jing-Jin Electric (JJE) Awarded FCA Group’s “North America Outstanding Quality Award”

At the award ceremony, Mr. Simon Kissonergis, Supplier Quality Director of FCA Group and Mr. Marcello Bariani, Head of Purchasing Systems of FCA Asia Pacific presented medals and certificates to Mr. Ping Yu, Founder, Chairman, CEO, Chief Engineer of Jing-Jin Electric and Mr. Kui Yang Vice President of Precision Electric Manufacturing.

Mr. Simon Kissonergis said in his speech: “Jing-Jin Electric is a young Chinese supplier and has won the FCA North America's Outstanding Quality Award, which is unique and even unique to FCA North America.” Mr. Marcello Bariani said that he is looking forward to the future. In the cooperation, Jing-Jin Electric can continue to provide more high-quality electric drive products for FCA Group.

In his speech, Mr. Ping Yu pointed out that winning this honor from one of the most well-known auto groups in the world is the greatest honor that individuals and companies have ever achieved in the 11 years since the establishment of Jing-Jin Electric. Jing-Jin Electric has won numerous technical awards, innovations awards and cooperation awards in the past, but no one award is so delightful as this one. This is the best recognition of the quality and the unremitting efforts to become a world-class supplier for a ten-year-old company. This is the result of the joint efforts of Jing-Jin Electric from R&D to manufacturing and first-line teams of quality. In particular, Mr. Ping Yu thanked the FCA customer team for investing a lot of resources in quality, manufacturing, process and method over the years, and for providing comprehensive and sincere help to JJE, which is indispensable to the progress of JJE. Mr. Ping Yu specially invited the entire FCA product manufacturing quality team to meet with customers and take a group photo to share the honor and joy of winning the award.

JJE, FCA senior management team and first-line product manufacturing quality team of JJE take group photo together

After the award ceremony, the two sides exchanged views on the dynamics of the market, products and new technologies, and eagerly looked forward to further cooperation in the future. Mr.Ping Yu accompanied the customers to visit the highly automated three-in-one” electric drive system production workshop of JJE Shanghai Jiading Base, the power electronic controller workshop, and focused on the company's realization of world-class performance, NVH (vibration noise) ,innovation and breakthroughs in improving efficiency

Mr.Ping Yu introduced the new three-in-one electric drive system production workshop to the guests

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) was formed in 2014 by the merger of Italian Fiat Auto and Chrysler, the third largest auto company in the United States. It owns Ferrari, Maserati, Fiat, Chrysler, Dodge, JEEP, Alfa Romeo and other vehicle brands.

Jing-Jin Electric (JJE) is China’s leading supplier of traction motors and electric drive assembly for EV, HEV and PHEV. JJE provides highly competitive drive motor products featuring high power intensity, high torque intensity and high reliability. JJE has a rich portfolio of products including motors, motor controllers, transmissions, reducers, advanced control software, electric drive assembly and its core parts and components.



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